All things yummy.....
2004-04-01 | 12:57 p.m.
I've Been Passed Over

I am chomping at the bit to get my new site up and running but because I am such a web idiot I have to wait another day (or maybe even two!) till my host sets up Movable Type for me. I can't take it anymore! I want it now! Yes - I am a bit of a princess, it's all part of my charm and appeal. Really. Promise. : )

Today is April Fool's Day. Interestingly enough it is also my divorced parents' anniversary. foreshadowing there. I'm also having a little bit of hard time with something. I was watching the OC (and I'm proud of it Dammit!) last night and as the nice, stereotypically rich Jewish Family sat down for their Passover seder I got so sad. Oh - I didn't mention my jewish-ness yet. Go ahead. Insert Jewish princess joke here. Growing up the Passover Seder was my favorite thing in the world. I got to show off my hebrew reading skills, I got to show off my singing skills, and there was really good food. An all around good time was had by all. Now that I'm all grown up and my family is fragmented there is no more showing off, no more food and no more good time! Sucky! I feel cheated! But mostly I feel rather bummed. So if anyone reads this and lives around Chicago and wants to invite me to their Seder, I do a hellluva Four Questions.