All things yummy.....
2004-03-31 | 9:14 a.m.
The longest entry EVER!

People read my blog! How freakin' cool is that? : ) Now if you would be so kind as leave me a note or two so I can feel the love (or hey, maybe even the hate) that would even be more cool.

So the re-do day is over. Thank the lord. We are on to Wednesday. My husband is going away this weekend to a French and Indian War reenactment downstate. What is that you ask? Your guess is as good as mine! From what I can tell there will be boys drinking in loin clothes. Doesn't sound all bad to me, but the thing as a whole just doesn't sound like it's up my alley. They sleep in things called Hovels. Ummmmmm....lemme think about that for a! I sleep in a bed, in a hotel or other heated, clean place or no where at all. Call me a princess. I don't mind. Really. I don't. You won't be the first. So I will have my first ever Rachael on her own weekend with no husband at home!

And do you know what I'm gonna do with all of this blessed freedom? Clean the bathroom baby! No - there is no real excitement there. Ok - maybe a little. But it needs it. My best friend is also coming home from Italy on Saturday afternoon so I can't wait to see her. She'll probably come out to get her dog that we've been watching.

I was also thinking that since I've billed myself as a so called "food" blog that I should actually write about food. Saturday night we hit Morton's on State Street to celebrate my husband's birthday. 4 people, two drinks, $300. Great food tho. If you go - try the Key Lime Martinis. Wow. So good. The steaks were wonderful. I loved the presentation of the menu. A woman holding up a tomato and a red onion to show the Morton's salad, because we've never seen those two vegetables before! So that's a tomato? Wow - I've been wondering about those for years. All in all, I would recommend the place, we had a great time.